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These days UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor walks around impersonating Joe Frazier in (rented? loaned?) garish fur, but it wasn't very long ago that the Irishman was living with his parents and working as a plumber. Now, the warrior's skills are paying off and he enjoys expensive power-clashing with his wardrobe.

Still, McGregor cared about clothing before he was a millionaire. So, here at Champions we've decided to give you a brief tour of Conor McGregor's style evolution over the past few years.

Check it out, below, and let us know your favorite understated outfit in the comments section. Then, stick with us all weekend for complete UFC 205 coverage!

Simpler times

Here, back in March of 2014, Conor sports an effortlessly stylish look. The shirt fits, so do the jeans, and the shades go well with the bag strap.

The next month Conor and his girlfriend Dee Devlin looking sharp and classy. McGregor with a dark blue three-piece suit and bold but still understated crimson bow tie and handkerchief.

The following September McGregor in full dandy mode, but with muted, classic and matching colors and a fitted vest. Shoes not required.

In early 2015, with a tasteful grey suit, but posing in a tacky manner that looked towards outlandish costumes to come.

Here Conor holds onto his interim UFC featherweight title-belt while rocking a silver, patterned tie, hanging at the right height (please, pay attention President-elect Trump, ties are not supposed to hang down to one's knees), with the fine detail of a tie-clip, but the goofy logo-ism of a branded Hermes belt on his waist.

Here, back in Nov. of 2015, McGregor poses for fun with the mayor of Las Vegas with an equally whimsical aqua jacket and tie dressed down with black pants and sneakers.

Here Conor is at the post-event press conference after knocking Jose Aldo out to become the world featherweight champion. Red on red on red.

Here is where things began to fly off the rails a bit. January of this year, impersonating international terrorist Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman. As if that wasn't tacky enough in principle, the mid-90's, "I'm definitely wearing too much cologne," party boy style of shirt worn during an unhinged, sniffing and ticking-filled press conference certainly was.

Conor after watching "Scarface" for the first time? Please tell us you were rehearsing for a movie part, Mr. McGregor.

Make no mistake about it, Conor McGregor sill loves his expensive suits and watches. The Irishman can clean up nicely when necessary.

Maybe you like the Notorious B.I.G. But you probably didn't like his Bill Cosby-type sweaters. Conor McGregor does. And it's only fitting that this was in New York, home of the late, great Christopher Wallace.

Channeling Joe Frazier's interview before his second fight with Muhammad Ali, Conor McGregor flexed in this all white Gucci mink fur with a red turtleneck. The look epitomizes McGregor's attention to detail coupled with the outlandish and is clearly his most talked about look to date.

The best part of the coat -- which still had the tag on it -- might be that it covered up his red sweater and red, printed pajama-looking pants.


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