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As the promotional tour ramps up for WrestleMania, the Big Show decided to pay a visit to his pal Conan O'Brien's show on Wednesday night.

The WWE star covered a lot of topics during his wide-ranging interview with the late-night host, including his incredible weight loss. The Big Show says he's lost 90 lbs. since last July, and has dropped down to 373 lbs. after a record high of 537 lbs.

The towering wrestler credits his thick beard for helping him achieve a six-pack body, which he flaunted in a recent Instagram photo.

"I should never have posted that pic," the Big Show said. "I think the reason I've been able to burn so many calories is because I grew this big beard and it's very hungry. I feel like Peter Griffin. I feel like I got a bird living in here somewhere."

The Big Show also chatted with O'Brien about the time he defeated the legendary Hulk Hogan to win the WCW world heavyweight belt at the tender age of 23. The wrestler revealed that Hogan gave him some questionable advice following the victory.

"He says, 'Ok brother, you're the new champion now, brother,'" the Big Show said. "'Tomorrow, when you go through that airport, brother, you wear that title and let everyone know that you're the new champion, brother.'"

While the Big Show initially thought he looked pretty cool walking around the airport with his belt, Steve Borden, aka former WWE star Sting, brought him down a peg.

"He comes up to me and goes, 'What are you doing?'" the Big Show said. "I said, 'I'm wearing the championship because I'm the new champion.' He goes, 'Take it off, you look like an idiot.' I said, 'They're making fun of me aren't they?' He goes, 'Yeah.'"

As for the Big Show's career outside of the ring, the wrestler said he may be hitting the big screen soon, all thanks to the likes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Dave Bautista, whom he credits with paving the way for WWE stars in Hollywood.

"The work the Rock has done and the commitment he's made to transforming and transcending the industry, and even the work Dave Bautista's done, both of those guys have gotten Hollywood's attention and the studios' attention," the Big Show said. "Now, because of the quality work the Rock's done and Dave's done, it's opened up opportunities for me to actually sit down and have a serious meeting with a studio head."


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