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As a bona fide fanatic and the director behind the acclaimed mixed martial arts movie Warrior, filmmaker Gavin O'Connor knows a thing or two about fighting, both in the cage and on the big screen. That's why his latest action flick, The Accountant, starring Ben Affleck, is filled to the brim with amazing hand-to-hand combat sequences.

While Affleck's character, Christian Wolff, is definitely a badass in the film, does he have the skills to beat up a champion like Conor McGregor inside the Octagon? After having a laugh over the fictional match-up, O'Connor offered his two cents as to how the fight would go down during a recent chat.

"I would say this, I think if you’re in a cage, it’s different than if you’re outside of a cage,” O'Connor said. “So, in a cage, I think it would be a closer fight. If it’s outside of a cage, it wouldn’t last more than ten seconds.”

Considering Wolff has a penchant for taking out his foes with insane moves like a triangle choke with a flash bang grenade, we'll assume he'd have the advantage in a true, no-holds-barred brawl on the streets.

Aside from having fun with fantasy face-offs, O'Connor is, without question, a tried and true MMA fan who never misses a fight. He even talked to Affleck about possibly joining the cavalcade of stars who recently became stakeholders in the UFC.

"He knows my passion for MMA and the UFC, and I happen to be at WME too, so when I heard there were opportunities to invest in the company, that piqued my interest," O'Connor said. "They want the stars so they can go to the fights, but I’ve actually had conversations with him as well about investing, as I’ve said to them, 'I think I know more about MMA and UFC than every one of those names that I saw on that list.'"

Despite his interest in becoming one of the promotion's investors, O'Connor isn't looking to score free tickets to huge cards. The director prefers to watch fights from the comfort of his home for a few reasons, including Joe Rogan's insightful commentary.

“I really like hearing Rogan because I think he’s really smart and I learn a lot. And I can pause it,” O'Connor said. “What I do now, is I have all my buddies, all my fight friends, come over and we have a bunch of food. I have a big screen TV in my backyard now, and we just hang out and make a party out of it. But, I do not miss a fight.”

The Accountant hits theaters on October 14.

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