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Long before he upset Conor McGregor, made appearances on late-night television, or attended basically every cannabis expo in America, Nate Diaz was already one of the biggest names in mixed martial arts.

A winner of season five, Diaz debuted in the UFC exactly ten years ago today, on June 23, 2007, besting fellow Team Pulver member Manvel Gamburyan after a freak shoulder injury. During the last decade, Diaz has gone on to earn 13 more wins inside the Octagon, collecting a record 15 post-fight bonuses. And his legendary mouth is as notable as his storied career.

While Diaz recently revealed that he doesn't intend to fight in 2017, and is currently dealing with a million-dollar lawsuit, the Stockton, California has delivered some of the finest soundbites in MMA during the last ten years.

As such, here's a transcript of every Nate Diaz post-fight victory speech from the last ten years of UFC action.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it ...

The Ultimate Fighter 5 Finale (June 23, 2007): Defeated Manvel Gamburyan via TKO (injury)

"The Ultimate Fighter house sucked, man. I fuckin' don't recommend it to be honest with you."

"I'm glad this all went down for me today. Actually, I feel like I should've gotten off to a better start."

"Manny did an awesome job. I know he works hard, I trained with him in the house, he's a very hard worker and he's a good guy: good, respectful guy. I got a lot of respect for him. I was a tough fight regardless. The end of it. I got off to a slow start and he did awesome." - Nate Diaz

UFC Fight Night 11 (September 19, 2007): Defeated Junior Assuncao via submission (guillotine choke)

"Yeah I got a lot of good jiu-jitsu training partners, so we get in scrambles. And like I said, I’m not afraid to be in scrambles, so it worked out good for me."

"I’m landing some punches I guess, there you go, right hook, straight left, there it go. I work a lot of boxing with my brother, he’s a fantastic boxer. I got all kinds of training partners who are also pro boxers at home to work with. And then, uh, once I got the exchange, I, he landed in a guillotine, so it came out good for me tonight. I’m glad, thanks to Junior, he’s a tough guy."

UFC Fight Night 12 (January 23, 2008): Defeated Alvin Robinson via submission (triangle choke)

"Yeah, got that finish first round again. It made me feel good, made me feel real good."

"Yeah man, I think it lets you guys know where I stand, you know. Everybody talks about that Gurgel a lot and he went three rounds, and I finished him in the first round. So, I’m trying to get some contenders man, some top guys in there to fight, so what’s up?"

"Yeah I just set it up, it just happened, man locked up the triangle we’re fighting. And that’s what happened. Shouldn't a did that."

"I’m coming man, what’s up. Watch out. Hey, and uh, I just wanna thank my team, my coaches right here: Cesar Gracie, awesome jiu-jitsu coach, my brother, , and my boxing coach who helped me a lot for this fight, Richard Perez, got me in shape, one of my main training partners. And I want to thank my teammates: Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields, Moses Baca came down to help me a lot. Team Stockton, who’s repping in the house tonight? Dave, Rudy, fuckin’ Maria, Phil Torres, everybody thanks a lot for coming. Thanks , Joe Silva, everybody …" - Nate Diaz

UFC Fight Night 13 (April 2, 2008): Defeated Kurt Pellegrino via submission (triangle choke)

"Hey I feel great. You know, I know I could do it cause I train with top fighters like , Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, and uh, you know, I just want people to know, like sometimes people think The Ultimate Fighters are sheltered. Not me. I ain’t looking for no sheltering. You know what I’m saying."

"Uh, no I’m kind of a slow starter, I needed to wake up in there. I’ve been like that all day today. So I knew, I was like ‘he can’t keep this up for three rounds'. I know I would be, I’ll stay alive, you know what I’m saying, he did good though."

"He tried to dip me up, I had the guillotine kinda locked. He shouldn’t a picked me up like that, that’s what got it locked. I kept it locked. I knew I was gonna have it. Watch this. I was like 'I got it'."

"Yeah man, as soon I locked it, I knew, that’s why I kinda threw my hands up, I knew it was …" - Nate Diaz

UFC Fight Night 15 (September 17, 2008): Defeated Josh Neer via split decision

"Yeah, hey man, Josh Neer he ain’t no black belt in jiu-jitsu like the other guys I’ve been fighting. These motherfuckers. This dude right here can fight man."

"All these other jiu-jitsu guys and shit, and wrestlers, y'all need to learn how to box, man."

"Get in here and fight us. This dude is down, so ...

"Yeah man, I train hard man, and look at I’m getting all [looks at screen] my back right there, but I got out, so I don’t know man, I just try to work my ass off, I ain’t quittin’ and neither is that dude. He keeps going, he don’t give up, so a round to Josh. You’re tight dude, thanks alot. Good luck in the future whooping everybody else’s ass in this division." - Nate Diaz

UFC Fight Night 19 (September 16, 2009): Defeated Melvin Guillard via submission (guillotine choke)

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UFC 111 (March 27, 2010): Defeated Rory Markham via TKO (punches)

"Uh man, I was only like 175 today, but the yeah weight class was easy to make."

"Training went good, man I had energy to train. It was great."

"Yeah I train with big guys, uh, Nick Diaz, Jake Shields ... [unintelligible speak] Happy Birthday Misty!"

UFC 118 (August 28, 2010): Defeated Marcus Davis via submission (guillotine choke)

"I feel good. I think I broke my hand in the second round."

"Ug, I don’t know. I want to go back and fight those tough guy wannabes down there on 155, Maynard, and all those, think they’re hotshots, but whatever."

"I just want to say, I want to say thanks a lot to my man who came out all the way from San Francisco, has a newborn baby. Congratulations to him and Keri on their new baby, I appreciate you coming out, and my brother, Nick Diaz, Richard Perez, Marcus Davis is a hell of a fighter."

"Gracie fight team, Cesar Gracie, you’re the man, and 209 Stockton baby, you know it, thanks Joe." - Nate Diaz

UFC 135 (September 24, 2011): Defeated Takanori Gomi via submission (armbar)

"I’m happy to get the win. He’s dangerous. Takanori Gomi’s the champion for years and years. He was one of my favorite fighters so, forever, still is, so thank you very much Gomi."

"Uh, not much, my partners. I got my team: Gilbert Melendez, Jake Shields, Victor Galdon, my brother Nick Diaz -- best in the world. And, uh, real quick, real quick, big shoutout to Jake Shields and his family for their loss. You’re the man, you’re the toughest dude on our team man, … much love to that man right there."

"I knew, it was not that slippery yet, so he wasn’t gonna get out of my triangle hopefully, but I was just trying to work something in there. I should have been a little better about [unintelligible] the size of ..."

"Thanks Joe. Real quick, my boxing coach, Richard Perez, the man right here, this is the man, and Cesar Gracie fight team all the way, and Chase Chevrolet, Ernie Rodriguez, my boy Jose over at LA boxing, thank you very much, and Mike and Daniel for this fight."

UFC 141 (December 30, 2011): Defeated Donald Cerrone via unanimous decision

"Uh, yeah, I train hard. I got really good training partners, like Gilbert Melendez, Nick Diaz, , my boy, Cesar Gracie, Richard Perez, my boxing coach, Douglas brothers. And thank you Cole Miller, Micah Miller, and Josh Neer for coming out and training with me."

"I gotta see it back and watch, man. I got poked in the eye, with the fist, with the fist, a couple of times, so I hope I didn’t look too sloppy, but I’m glad I got the win."

"Thank you very much. One more … real kind … I got a friend who just passed away, his name is Dominick Dario, actually I just met him, but he’s a really good guy. He just passed away, so my heart goes out to his family, and all of his friends from Stockton. I’m sorry about your loss."

"And I want to thank my team, Cesar Gracie fight team, and, uh Jake, Nick, Gilbert, Victor Goddard, Richard Perez, everybody, and for the fight. Sorry about all the shit that that went down, man. That’s just two dudes, so …"

UFC on FOX 3 (May 5, 2012): Defeated Jim Miller via submission (guillotine choke)

"I’m feeling good. I’m happy to come out to New Jersey and perform in front of all you guys in my boy’s hometown. You know. I know he’s a great fighter. I have nothing bad to say about the guy. The whole time building up to the fight it was hard to be motivated to train for the fight. That’s kind of what I had to just work that I was behind enemy lines, you know. So, I’m going home, California baby."

"Yeah, I see that one arm’s doing the work … yeah, but the left one’s keeping it in place. And then when I take an arm off to adjust my hand it kinda … makes it happen … it was pretty tight. It was tight."

The Ultimate Fighter 18 Finale (November 30, 2013): Defeated Gray Maynard via TKO (punches)

"I don’t know what kind of funny ass show this is, man? Like Mike the motherfucker’s acting silly, but …"

"I just want to give shouts out real quick to my coaches: Valeri Ignatov, my sambo coach, Richard Perez my boxing coach, the mixed martial arts master Nick Diaz, no one can top this man right here. And just so everybody knows, the number-one and two lightweights in the world are right here, me and my man right here [Gilbert Melendez]."

"Let’s just talk about this real quick. My man beat Ben Henderson for the title, and for some reason they let Anthony Pettis fight him, so you and Thompson need to man up and get with me and my boy right here, cause this is our division. We gonna beat yo asses, that’s what up."

"Yeah, yeah, I won, huh huh. That’s what’s up. Yeah, my partner’s here too Ivan Bossas, Chris Diaz, Nick McDermott, , she did awesome in her last fight, the home girl, and Chris Avila, I appreciate that, we gotta go."

"I got shit to do man. I’m hungry." - Nate Diaz

UFC on FOX 13 (December 19, 2015): Defeated Michael Johnson via unanimous decision

“Fuck that. , you’re taking everything I worked for, motherfucker."

"I’m gonna fight your fucking ass. You know what’s the real fight, what’s the real money fight is me. Not these clowns that you already punked at the press conference. Don’t no one want to see that. You know you beat them already. That’s the easy fight. You want the real shit. Right here.” - Nate Diaz

UFC 196 (March 5, 2016): Defeated Conor McGregor via submission (rear naked choke)

"Hey, I’m not surprised motherfuckers."

"Uh, no, I knew it was gonna be a slow start for me because, you know, I’m always in shape, but if I’m not in the best shape, I gotta start slow and pick up as I go. So I kinda expected it to go like it did. I expected to dodge and slip a little more, I didn’t have a lot of sparring for this camp, like if I had a full camp I don’t think I would have been touched, but he had some good punches and he landed them so good on his part."

"I just knew, like I said, I knew I was gonna start off slow, and as soon as I got warmed up and felt like it was gonna start turning around, it was going to, and it happened a little earlier than I expected."

"Hey, I started off slow, but I’m faster than everybody, but you know I gotta pick up, I gotta warm up, so …"

"Yeah, I wouldda had, I knew he was done, I would have a lot more knockouts on my record but as soon as I start landing on them, they start shooting, all of a sudden they’re wrestlers, so, uh, my jiu-jitsu’s always there when it hits the ground, but it’s always from the boxing. Richard Perez boxing. That’s usually what gets the fight there."

"Yeah, I’m an athlete, a warrior, we should always be ready to fight everybody on our worst day, and I want to give a shout out to my brother Nick Diaz, the man, the main man. There’s a new king of this motherfucker now, and it’s right here, alright? Gilbert Melendez, Kron Gracie, my boy Chris Avila, Jake Shields, Richard Perez, my team. Thank you very much. Thank you UFC, Dana, Lorenzo, and right on Conor McGregor for taking the fight too on short notice, and we got it done." - Nate Diaz

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