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Whether it's with his controller in the digital realm or with his fists inside the Octagon, UFC flyweight champion is always ready to throw down.

Mighty Mouse is starting to take his gaming as seriously as his mixed martial arts training, as he recently launched a Twitch channel to show off his video game exploits. Johnson told the Three Amigos Podcast last year that he wants to become a professional streamer when his fighting career is over.

"Since I've started streaming I spend at least 15 hours a week playing games, maybe more," Johnson said. "My brain needs to be stimulated. I look at streaming like a side project, and I take my side projects and my jobs very seriously."

Since it sounds like DJ is getting ready to be a pro gamer when his MMA days are done, let's take a look at the champ's extensive video game habits.

Here are 10 video games you'll likely find Demetrious Johnson playing on his Twitch channel.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

Johnson's Twitch channel has recently been filled with videos of the champ playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

The game utilizes an open world concept, where players are plopped into the middle of a wide open digital landscape and must fight their fellow players to the death in order to survive. In other words, it' the perfect game for a guy who makes a living fighting people in a cage.

Dark Souls III

Johnson is a big Dark Souls fans and loves to cap off his nights with the action role-playing game.

Mighty Mouse's Twitch channel features videos of the champ playing both Dark Souls II: Scholars of the First Sin and the series' latest installment, Dark Souls III. The franchise also uses an open world format, allowing players a ton of freedom as they fight for their souls against other warriors.

EA Sports UFC 2

To the surprise of no one, the reigning flyweight champ likes to spend some time kicking butt in EA Sports UFC 2.

As both a professional fighter and a bona fide gamer, Johnson probably as an unfair edge against his digital opponents. No wonder why he sometimes gets raided by USADA during his streams.

H1Z1: King of the Kill

Fighting for survival seems to be a running theme with Johnson's gaming habits.

The champ is a big fan of H1Z1, which is pretty much a free-for-all shooting game that once again pits players against each other on an enormous map to see who's top dog. The game does offer some sweet customization, though.

Street Fighter V

Of course Street Fighter had to be on the list.

Johnson likes to test his fighting skills in the virtual realm from time to time with Street Fighter V, presumably to pick up some gravity-defying move to use inside the Octagon.

World of Warcraft

Ronda Rousey isn't the only UFC star who likes to get in on some World of Warcraft action.

DJ's WoW parties can get pretty interesting, though. During one streaming session, Johnson broke out into song for an impromptu karaoke party. Word of advice, Mighty Mouse, you might want to stick to fighting and gaming.

Resident Evil 7

If you're in for a scare, check out DJ's Resident Evil videos.

The champ streamed himself playing the entire seventh installment of the popular horror series, so if you don't mind spoilers, definitely give them a watch. However, unless you're cool with nightmares, you might want to skip watching them at night.

Grand Theft Auto V

Johnson's been known to let loose on Grand Theft Auto V from time to time.

The champ has streamed a few of his GTA sessions, and the commentary is pretty awesome to listen to, especially when things don't exactly go his way. Hopefully DJ doesn't get "wasted" the next time he steps into the cage.


Always on top of the trendiest games, DJ has obviously tried his hand at Overwatch.

The team-based, first-person shooter game has exploded in popularity since it's release last May thanks to its action-packed style of gameplay. According to his Twitch channel, he doesn't play Overwatch too often, but don't be surprised if you ever get into an online shootout with the champ.

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Johnson is a big fan of shooter games, particularly the Tom Clancy series.

Recently, the champ has been throwing down against players in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Wildlands. However, DJ has also streamed himself playing Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege and Tom Clancy's The Division.


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