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Since the Star Wars universe is filled with so many skilled Jedi and other fearsome fighters, it's no surprise that the Force is strong with a ton of stars.

From to , some of the biggest names in mixed martial arts are also huge fans of George Lucas' classic sci-fi franchise. As the world patiently waits for Star Wars: The Last Jedi to hit theaters, let's take a look at which fighters are obsessed with this far, far away galaxy.

Check out 10 UFC fighters who are the biggest Star Wars fans below.

Ronda Rousey

Former women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has no problem showing off her nerdy side.

The UFC superstar is definitely a Star Wars fan, as she dressed up like a Stormtrooper for the premiere of The Force Awakens. Rousey broke down her love for the series, as well as her thoughts on the Jedi vs. the Sith, in a 2015 interview with Fansided.

“Honestly my personality is much more Sith, but the Jedi is more glamorous,” Rousey said. “First of all, the Jedi are supposed to be celibate and the Sith can pretty much do whatever the hell they want. I’m not really a defensive type of fighter either. I’m an aggressive one so I think I’d be Sith all the way even though I think the Jedi have much prettier lightsabers."

Georges St-Pierre

Former welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre was also pretty pumped for the premiere of Episode VII.

The returning UFC star said he "lost sleep" thinking about the debut of the 2015 Star Wars flick in an Instagram post featuring Darth Vader. Hopefully we haven't lost St-Pierre to the Dark Side.

Demetrious Johnson

Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea / USA Today Sports
Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea / USA Today Sports

Flyweight champ and video game fanatic Demetrious Johnson has a soft spot for Star Wars as well.

Mighty Mouse recently showed off his slick lightsaber skills while spending some quality time with his family. Maybe Johnson can land a role in Episode IX as a martial arts savvy Jedi master.

Ben Rothwell

Photo by Derick E. Hingle / USA Today Sports
Photo by Derick E. Hingle / USA Today Sports

Heavyweight veteran Ben Rothwell isn't just a fan of Star Wars, he wants to write a character for the series.

Rothwell revealed his idea for a Star Wars villian during an interview with Fox Sports. The UFC star thinks his fanfiction about a black lightsaber user would be perfect for the franchise.

"The villain that I created, that I would be, the first defining thing that’s different from all the other Sith is that he uses a black lightsaber," Rothwell said. "His control of dark energy is prominent because he uses the Force to control the length of his lightsaber, which is a huge advantage. I don’t think they explore the Force enough. You can do a lot of stuff."

Elias Theodorou

The hair-tastic made his love for Star Wars known during the release of The Force Awakens.

Theodorou traveled to the theater in style, walking hand in hand with a Stormtrooper down the streets of Disneyland. You have to admit, Theodorou's movie star hair would be a pretty awesome addition to a future Star Wars sequel.

Joe Lauzon

Photo by Anne-Marie Sorvin / USA Today Sports
Photo by Anne-Marie Sorvin / USA Today Sports

Lightweight veteran Joe Lauzon is another member of the Star Wars fandom.

The Massachusetts native likes to share his excitement about the franchise with his fans on social media, and frequently posts the best Star Wars/BJJ memes.

Cole Miller

Photo by Kyle Terada / USA Today Sports
Photo by Kyle Terada / USA Today Sports

Cole Miller brought his love of Stars Wars to the weigh-in scales in 2015.

The American Top Team product broke out a blue Jedi lightsaber during his face off with Jim Alers, who rocked a Kylo Ren style Sith blade. Video of the duo's lightsaber duel instantly went viral, as it coincided with the release of The Force Awakens.

Brad Pickett

Photo by Steven Flynn / USA Today Sports
Photo by Steven Flynn / USA Today Sports

Recently retired MMA pioneer Brad Pickett is a bona fide Star Wars fans.

"One Punch" has an extensive collection of memorabilia, including a few awesome Lego sets. We're guessing Pickett will work on building up his Star Wars models now that he has some free time on his hands.

Carla Esparza

Photo by Tom Szczerbowski / USA Today Sports
Photo by Tom Szczerbowski / USA Today Sports

Former strawweight champ Carla Esparza isn't afraid to admit that she likes the Dark Side of the Force. "Cookie Monster" tried to lure fans down the path of the Sith in a Star Wars-inspired video for the UFC.

"Come to the Dark Side," Esparza said in the clip. "We have got cookies."

Sam Alvey

Photo by Ron Chenoy / USA Today Sports
Photo by Ron Chenoy / USA Today Sports

The next time you attend a Star Wars convention, don't be surprised if you bump into Sam Alvey, as the middleweight star has been known to dress up for cons on occasion.

It's a shame that we'll never get to see "Smile'n" in the Octagon against Kylo Ren.


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