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An announcement of a "historic" agreement between a fighter and his promoter has made its rounds on the wonderful world of the internet when Dana White and Conor McGregor agreed to terms for a potential fight with Floyd Mayweather. Only, the most important part of this equation, Floyd Mayweather, has yet to sign anything.

Wait, so what exactly does this "historic" agreement mean if the other side hasn't agreed to whatever terms that White and McGregor have set forth?

Leave it up to Conor McGregor to make an announcement like this such a big deal. Dude, the announcement is basically coming to terms with your own promoter. That's not really an announcement! It literally means nothing in the grand scheme of making this fight happen. Honestly, that's the easiest part that should be done way before you try to negotiate with the other side. The hard part has yet to come and that is haggling with Floyd Mayweather who probably won't agree with anything that White will suggest.

You guys do realize that Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather spent years going back and forth over the finite details of a fight. And they are in the same damn sport! Never once did you hear of an announcement that Manny Pacquiao agreed to a deal with Bob Arum and it wasn't made into some kind of significant hurdle that was cleared to make the fight.

To be honest, we're no closer to seeing this fight happen because the only thing that matters is the revenue split with Floyd Mayweather. Everything else is just noise. But kudos to Conor McGregor for making what would usually be a non-news item into something much bigger.

To further illustrate our point, here are ten announcements that are both similar and just as ridiculous as the news that McGregor and White have agreed to a deal that doesn't involve the other side.

  • I'd like to announce that I made a deal with my child to play college football at Ohio State. We now await Ohio State's signature to accept our offer to attend their school and make the football team in the coming days.
  • I'm proud to announce that my son will play for the Los Angeles Lakers. We will now await Jeannie Buss' signature to draft him in the coming days. (Oh, that already happened? *crumples paper*)
  • My mistress and I have announced that we'll be entering into a polygamist relationship. We now await my wife's signature to accept our terms and conditions in the coming days.
  • My best friend/manager and I agreed to sell the rights to our new app to Apple for a kajillion dollars. We now await Apple's signature to accept our app and pay us a ridiculous amount of money in the coming days.
  • My husband and I would like to announce that we have agreed to split the proceeding from our Powerball winnings 50-50. We will now await the winning numbers to be in sync with our numbers in the coming days.
  • My manager and I have agreed that I will get a raise at our place of employment. We now await a signature for the company to agree to break ground in the coming days.
  • My producer and I have agreed to make a song that will feature Kendrick Lamar and Drake. We will now await the signatures of Drake and Kendrick Lamar to agree to appear on this song in the coming days.
  • My roommate and I have agreed to terms that will allow us to buy your 65" Ultra 4K flatscreen for $216.99. We will now wait for Best Buy to agree to sell their $900 television at our discount.
  • Our family has agreed to terms that we'll be moving into a mansion at the end of this summer. We will now wait for a mansion in South Dakota to be put up for sale.
  • My editor and I have agreed to terms our article will be read by 1,000,000 people in just 24 hours. We will now wait for a website to accept our terms and agree to allow us to write said article.

See how ridiculous this is?


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