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The WWE enjoyed a successful 2016 year in all regards. They set attendance records for WrestleMania 32, the WWE Network was at an all-time high, and their roster is the most talented it's been since the late-90s.

Their success reflected in the pay of their top wrestlers. Forbes released the data of the top-10 highest paid WWE wrestlers of 2016 and we've lined them all up for you below.

10. Randy Orton

Earnings: $1.9 million

Randy Orton was a staple on the Smackdown Live brand in 2016 and comes at somewhat of a discount at less than $2 million.

9. Seth Rollins

Earnings: $2 million

"The Architect" suffered a knee injury that kept him out the beginning of 2016, but that didn't hurt his earning potential.

8. The Undertaker

Earnings: $2 million

Undertaker may be a part-timer with limited dates but he was paid for his years of service to the company, and it's hard to deny his drawing potential at such a high age.

7. Shane McMahon

Earnings: $2.2 million

Shane O'mac is signed to a talent deal, so this money is both for his WrestleMania match and his role as Smackdown Live GM. Not a bad haul for one match.

6. AJ Styles

Earnings: $2.4 million

The best wrestler in the world comes in at 6th on the list of highest paid 2016 wrestlers. After years of grinding in ROH, TNA and NJPW, it's great to see AJ Styles get paid his worth.

5. Dean Ambrose

Earnings: $2.7 million

The Shield is alive and well. Each former member of the faction makes the top-10 highest earners and Ambrose took a huge step forward in the ring and in the bank account in 2016.

4. Roman Reigns

Earnings: $3.5 million

The final member of the Shield to appear on this list, Roman Reigns is the "Big Dog" and his pay reflects it. Reigns is the #1 heel in the company, yes, that's right. He garners more boos and reaction than anyone else in the company and for that, he's worth every penny of his salary.

3. Triple H

Earnings: $3.8 million

Humility? For what? Triple H doesn't care that his executive salary trumps the rest of the athletes on the roster; as a talent, he still wants to be paid like a top guy. Trips starts the run of part-timers making big bank.

2. John Cena

Earnings: $8 million

Cena is next in line for the "part-time work, full-time paycheck" group. Cena does wrestle a lot more than the other part-timers on this list and his match quality justifies his pay, but he's far from the workhorse he once was for the company. His name and brand are what get him this contract.

1. Brock Lesnar

Earnings: $12 million

Brock Lesnar has a pretty sweet gig. Less than 20 shows a year brings in $12 million and he is still able to live life on his quiet little Canadian farm for the majority of the year. Not to mention the steal he received for competing at UFC 200 in 2016.


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