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Matt Juul

Iron Fist has got nothing on this iron-headed, teen Taekwondo champion.

Bosnian black belt Kerim Ahmetspahic set a new Guiness world record over the weekend for breaking building blocks with his head. No, you didn't read that wrong. The 16-year-old martial arts whiz crushed 111 blocks in 35 seconds using just his noggin.

Oh, and if that wasn't tough enough, each headbutt was accompanied by a gravity-defying forward flip. So yeah, Ahmetspahic is pretty much the baddest dude in Bosnia.

While it was an impressive feat, we're guessing he still needed an aspirin or two after his record-setting day in Visoko.

“I still have more power," Ahmetspahic said following the stunt, according to The Sun. “I wish to thank all the people who helped me achieve this – my parents and my coach Edin Kajevic.”

No word yet on whether Ahmetspahic is actually Neo from The Matrix.


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