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Super Sage Northcutt isn't backing down from Mickey Gall's challenge, and UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley has his back.

"I think the fight is going to be a great fight," Woodley said. "I just think Sage is a little more well-rounded than people realize. [Gall] might have bit off more than he can chew."

Northcutt made a guest appearance while TMZ was interviewing Woodley. Out of a back room comes Northcutt, who, for nearly two minutes, can't wipe that big grin off his face.

"Mickey Gall better watch his words because he got a big test coming up," Woodley said.

Gall, fresh off his victory over CM Punk, will face Northcutt in December at UFC on FOX 22. It's a grudge match between two of the UFC's youngest and brightest stars.

Gall has promised to break Northcutt's bones. Northcutt, in his cameo appearance during Woodley's chat, said Gall's comments were "pretty funny" and that 'll be ready for sure," when the two collide.

Woodley, who trains at Milwaukee's Roufusport Mixed Martial Arts, home base for WWE star-turned MMA fighter CM Punk, is also confident in the young star.

"I have trained with a lot of high level guys and I feel like the speed, the power, the strength and the willingness to continue to grow those are going to be the X-Factors," Woodley said.

Gall has made many promises about his fight with Northcutt.

"I am going to break his bones," Gall said. "I am going to hurt him bad. I am going to bust him up."

Sage Northcutt faces Mickey Gall in a welterweight contest on December 14.


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