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Jason Nawara

Sumo wrestler Kisenosato Yutaka has become the first Japanese-born grand champion in 19 years, and officially the 72nd yokozuna. So, to celebrate this momentous occasion, we have exhaustively searched through Kisenosato's numerous highlights to share with you. Trust us, you'll be impressed.

Let's start with his dominating win over yokozuna Hakuho on the final day of the 2017 Sumo Grand Championship. This is what led to Kisenosato receiving the Emperor's Cup and title of yokozuna, the highest rank in sumo.

The balance and incredible patience while one of the best sumos in the world have him on the edge of elimination, only to use his momentum to throw his opponent. According to Reuters, the majority of dominant sumo wrestlers in the last few decades have been Hawaiian, or Mongolian. Kisenosato being promoted is an incredible honor for Japan.

"I'm overwhelmed with gratitude for all the people who have helped me reach this point. I would like to celebrate the first yokozuna promotion in 19 years from the bottom of my heart," he said to the Japanese AP.

Now that the pageantry is out of the way, let's get to more highlights.

We'll start with a mismatch! Two on one! Unfair!

Here's Kisenosato rallying back to get the win in 2013.

You can find many many more videos of Kisenosato (and every other great sumo) on this YouTube channel. It's a pretty fun sport to watch once you get past the language barrier.


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