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As a potential megafight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to loom large over the combat sports world, Sugar Ray Leonard has decided to weigh in on the possible money match-up.

The former boxing champion turned broadcaster stopped by ESPN this week to hype up Saturday's title unification bout between undefeated champs Keith Thurman and Danny Garcia on CBS. While Leonard was supposed to be there to break down this weekend's fight - he has a gut feeling that Thurman has the edge - he couldn't escape the constant chatter about McGregor vs. Mayweather.

While Leonard isn't opposed to seeing the combat sports stars throw down for entertainment reasons, he doesn't think the UFC champ has a chance if it ends up happening inside a boxing ring.

"It's not that I don't approve of it, it's entertainment, but it's not boxing," Leonard said on Sportscenter. "Could it happen? Yes, it could happen, but it depends on the fight. It's going to be boxing or it's going to be martial arts. If it's boxing, Mayweather wins, big time. If it's martial arts, McGregor for sure."

Leonard later talked about Mayweather and McGregor again on First Take, doubling down on his prediction of a defeat for "Notorious" should he step into a boxing ring against the undefeated pugilist.

"As a boxer, McGregor, no, he can't win," Leonard said. "He won't win. [As a] martial artist, as far as kicking, he wins big time. He beats everybody."

As far as how the fight would impact the sport of boxing, Leonard doesn't think it will help grow its popularity all that much.

"Nothing's going to hurt boxing," Leonard said. "Does it help? No, it doesn't really help, but it's entertainment."


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