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In case you haven't figured it out by this point, UFC Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic packs one heck of a wallop.

The former Golden Gloves boxer-turned MMA kingpin has scored back-to-back-to-back-to-back TKO victories in his past 4 performances (accounting for 12 out of his 16 professional victories overall), and most recently flattened K-1 champion Alistair Overeem in his second title defense at UFC 203 earlier this month. In short, pillow-fisted he is not.

So when Martin Shkreli (aka the "Pharma Bro") recently took to Twitter to auction off a chance to punch him in the face, Miocic's name quickly rose to the top of potential donors.

"I will auction one slap/punch in the face to benefit my friend Mike who passed away & leaves behind a young son who survived cancer. DM bids," wrote Shkreli.

For those unfamiliar, Shkreli first rose into the American consciousness back in September of 2015, when -- as CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals -- he managed to obtain the antiparasitic drug Daraprim (most commonly used in the treatment of HIV) and proceeded to raise its price by a staggering 5,566 percent. Shkreli was then hit with an unrelated fraud charge that December, of which he is currently out on a $5 million bail.

Shkreli has since been labeled by many media members as "the most hated man in America," hence the virality that his current raffle is receiving. His testimony before Congress was enough to make most people want to punch him in the face, and thankfully, it looks like Miocic is more than interested than taking him up on the offer.

According to Shkreli, the highest bid on his head currently lies at $78,000, which is chump change compared to the $600,000 Miocic just made for his victory over Overeem. Heck, the $50,000 "Performance of the Night" bonus he received would be enough to cover most of that, so perhaps we should start a GoFundMe for Miocic to cover the rest?

For what it's worth, Shkreli has bragged about his MMA training in the past, so maybe we should cut out the middleman and book this thing in the main event of UFC 206?

Yeah, this guy can take all of the punches to the face ASAP please and thank you, Stipe.


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