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Kel Dansby

The "Conor McGregor Effect" continues in the UFC and is the latest to take a page out of the McGregor playbook.

Stipe Miocic dominated Junior Dos Santos at and won a record tying 2nd heavyweight title defense with an impressive 1st round TKO. The victory resulted in him adding an interesting name on his list of desired opponents, .

"I’m a champ, so I would probably want to fight a champion while there -- Joshua or whatever, or Fury, or Klitschko, or whoever." Miocic said. "I just want to fight the best."

"He’s stupid tough (Joshua), big boy, hits hard. Definitely, he’s tough, hungry, and he put a beating on him (Klitschko)."

Stipe Miocic may have earned the title of "Baddest Man in MMA" but the title of the "Baddest Man on the Planet" has always been a distinction given to the best heavyweight boxer in the world. As skilled as Miocic is as a striker, his skills can't hold a candle to the likes of , Tyson Fury or in a boxing match. The fact that the boxers are unwilling to venture into the sport of MMA is all you need to know about who has the upper hand in terms of leverage and popularity.

There's also the hurdle of convincing the UFC to open the flood gates for their underpaid fighters to seek more money in the boxing world. What would stop UFC champions from holding up their division for a year to pursue these cross-promotional fights?

is as close as any active UFC fighter has ever been to landing a legitimate boxing match and being paid legitimate boxing money. If he's able to finalize a deal with we can expect more UFC athletes to take a look at stepping into the boxing ring for a one-off fight.

That is why Dana White entertaining, let alone booking, the fight is problematic for the promotion moving forward. It creates an environment for athletes to ask "why him and not us."

It creates a culture of fighters thinking they can be Conor McGregor.

Those fighters will realize that there is truly only one "King," self-proclaimed, and only one athlete able to do as he pleases.


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