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Josh Molina

Will the greatest women's fighter in the history of mixed martial arts find herself competing against the likes of and one day?

If you listen to and believe , the 's Chief Brand Officer, it is a strong possibility. Charlotte, get ready: The real queen of PPV might be headed your way.

Rousey will challenge for the UFC women's bantamweight championship on December 30 at . No matter what happens, a 14-second knockout victory, or brutal knockout victim, the doors and hallowed halls of the WWE's corporate offices in Stamford, Connecticut, will be wide open for the rowdy one.

"Our fans love Ronda," McMahon told USA Today. "Ronda has this cross platform appeal in terms of all forms of entertainment. We would welcome her with open arms. She is the total package."

No, Steph, she's way better than Lex Luger. She can sell -- didn't she see the fight?

Rousey is a monster WWE fan. She appeared at Wrestlemania 31 in Santa Clara, California where she arm-barred the billion dollar princess, McMahon, and then hip-tossed Triple H.

Even amateur bookers couldn't mess up dream matches and storylines between Rousey and McMahon and Charlotte, who has recently been calling herself "The Queen of PPV."

Sounds like a challenge to me. One thing is for sure, WWE fans won't care whether she wins or loses at UFC 207. Fans know their rasslin', and Rousey is a magnificent star and personality independent of any UFC championship she owns.

Just look at that smirk. That's money, baby.



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