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Andreas Hale

Watch the countdown.

Notice anything missing?

Aside from any original quotes from , you'll notice that they talk about Rousey being knocked out by but you never actually see the head kick that was heard around the world at UFC 193 over a year ago.

And it certainly wasn't an oversight.

It makes you wonder what the extent of control over her image Rousey negotiated heading into her UFC 207 showdown with . She already has managed to get out of every fight week media obligation. But now she's not even shown being knocked out in the only loss of her professional career? They dug up footage of her first pro victory and ran a highlight reel of her MMA dominance but arguably the biggest upset in UFC history was chopped out of the countdown.


And the better question is whether this was a Ronda Rousey decision or did the UFC simply decide that the world didn't need to see that devastating knockout over and over again.

But, for whatever reason, they made sure that the image you saw of Rousey on the countdown show was one that was strong and positive.

Hopefully, everything that the UFC is doing to keep Rousey strong works in their favor. Because, if not?



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