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Guess who is back? Yep, the champ who runs the camp. The face that runs the place. John Cena is here.

AJ Styles might be the best wrestler in the world, but the real face of the WWE, , returned to Smackdown Live! on Tuesday to challenge Styles to a title match at the Royal Rumble.

Cena returned to a relatively tame crowd reaction in Chicago. While his presence felt special, it wasn't a blow away moment for a guy who has been off television for nearly three months.

We have new tag team champions. Baron Corbin almost ruined the main event. Randy Orton is already struggling to remain a member of the Wyatt Family. Alexa Bliss -- is truly blissful to watch.

Let's dive into our weekly Smackdown Live! review with the intensity of a Dean Ambrose stare and to the fanfare of an "AJ Styles" chant in Chicago.

John Cena Returns

John Cena is back and he still sucks, according to the WWE Universe. Shouldn't he have at least returned with a new T-shirt? And why doesn't this guy have a jean shorts endorsement? Who else above the age of 35 wears jean shorts and actually looks halfway decent in them? Cena, as usual, was fantastic on the mic, riffing with the crowd, who didn't react the way he expected. When they started yelling "CM Punk," he acted like they were screaming "Cena Sucks." He asked why the crowd wasn't chanting "Go Cubs, Go" and got boos, but then received cheers when he asked if it were a White Sox crowd.

Cena challenged the winner of the evening's triple threat match between Styles, Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin.

It's great that Cena is back. The kids, women and a lot of the men love him, and he brings a special energy to the arena. Let's hope he can avoid an injury and Hollywood.

Grade: A

The Wyatt Family vs. American Alpha vs. The Usos vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

American Alpha won the tag team titles after an awkward botched move in the corner involving Randy Orton and Luke Harper. First off, the WWE has got to stop allowing teams of three to move its members around interchangeably when wrestling tag team matches. I thought the champs were Bray Wyatt and Orton? Tonight we got Orton and Harper. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable of AA once again blew everybody away with their athleticism. The end came when Orton was attempting to superplex Chad Gable. Harper, who was on the outside of the ring, for some reason jumped to the corner and tried to do something that no one could comprehend. Orton then slugged his tag team partner with his left hand. After a missile dropkick, a spear and suplex, AA became the new champs. Orton and Harper argued afterward, forcing Wyatt to intervene.

The corner scene must have been botched because it made no sense for Harper to jump up and Orton to then slug him inexplicably. It's great that AA are the new champs, but this title change with no buildup was absolutely the wrong thing to do.

Grade: D

Carmella Flirts With James Ellsworth

Cena is back and so is the turtle. James Ellsworth gave a self-deprecating interview, accepting that no one likes him because he is skinny and has no chin. That's not why we don't like you. Carmella then interrupted the segment and admitted that she has a thing for geeks and walked away with him. Poor Carmella.

Grade: F

Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch

Bliss won after some outside interference from "La Luchadora." Last week, Lynch was the one who dressed up as "La Luchadora" to defeat Bliss, so if Lynch was in the ring, who could it be now? This was perfect comeback for Bliss's character. She's vengeful, wicked and mean. If Bliss were in high school she'd be a "Heather" and not the one with a heart like Winona Ryder. Bliss feigned an arm injury, allowing Luchadora to distract Lynch for a second. Bliss then hit the DDT for the win. David Otunga was intolerable in this match, offering insight such as "when you are the champion you always have to be ready, you can't take anyone lightly." Same rules apply to commentary, Otunga.

Grade: C+

Dean Ambrose Defends His Girl

So last week The Miz outed Renee Young and Dean Ambrose's off-screen relationship, which enraged Young who slapped the former reality TV star. The Miz stole this week's segment, demanding that if anyone were to ask him questions it needs to be that "unprofessional journalist Renee Young." Miz was acting like a hot shot, with his own dressing room and brood of personal security guards. Miz made a big mistake when during the interview with an annoyed Young he told his security guards to leave because one of them was "breathing" on him. Unprotected, Ambrose showed up in a security guard T-shirt. When Miz turned around, Ambrose attacked him. Young men, don't try this at home.

Grade: D

AJ Styles vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin

The WWE must be tired of hearing all that Indy talk about Will Ospreay and Ricochet because Ziggler and Styles put on a great show of synchronized violence against Corbin. It's too bad Ziggler isn't in Ring of Honor. He would be getting wildly cheered every time he performs instead of booed for being a glorified WWE jobber. This was a good triple threat, but would have been a much better match without Corbin. He botched the ending of the match, but fortunately Styles is a pro and saved it. At one point Ziggler had Styles pinned and Corbin was supposed to break it up from the outside, but he didn't get there in time, leaving the referee hanging. Styles, aware of what has happening around him, kicked out literally at the three count, otherwise The Showoff would have been champion.

Later in the match Corbin hit an End of Days move on Ziggler, but then Styles hit Corbin with the Phenomenal Forearm from the top rope to steal the victory. Cena raced out, the two shook hands and Styles yelled "this (belt) ain't going nowhere."

Styles was once again amazing and paired with Cena the WWE fans are in for something special. NOTE TO WWE WRITERS: WE WANT AJ STYLES TO REMAIN CHAMPION BECAUSE HE IS THE BEST WRESTLER IN THE WORLD.

Grade B+


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