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There was still a media event Thursday, June 8 but it did not feature the scheduled face-off between Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen that fans were looking forward to for Bellator NYC. A press release by Bellator MMA last Wednesday, the day before the event, said the press event where Sonnen and Silva were to face off was canceled.

No other details were given, but you know the other half of that scheduled presser was ready to go and Sonnen let some of his discontent be known on social media.

That is the second promotional event regarding Bellator NYC that Silva has not been able to physically get to, although he did appear via satellite at the first one. It is no surprise that fans would start to be concerned, and it should be less of a surprise that his opponent is also concerned.

Sonnen took to his own site to list the reasons why Silva would not show up to the second promotional event to promote their bout and Bellator’s first event in New York since the ban on MMA was lifted. You can read his “Six Reasons Why Wanderlei Silva No-Showed “here. Most of the reasons are just more jabs at Silva, which is understandable seeing as how Sonnen has been putting the work in to promote the event. But, even he closes his blog with the question people may be wondering since fans were expecting a face-off.

The card is heavily stacked but to lose the fight the promotion used to announce their first show in New York would require some damage control. However, there is still the Matt Mitrione vs Fedor Emelianenko match along with three (lightweight, welterweight, and light-heavyweight) title fights and some really high profile debuts with Aaron Pico’s first MMA fight and New York Boxing Queen, the undefeated (20-0 Boxing) Heather Hardy.


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