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Some keyboard warriors call professional wrestling "fake." That's so 1980s. Calling professional wrestling fake is sort of like walking out of and saying "that movie was so fake."

Yeah, and you know what else? "" and "" are so fake. Everyone around you would be like, "uh, get me away from this guy."

The action inside a WWE or pro wrestling ring is very real and sometimes, like this week in Fresno, California, the fisticuffs get dangerous. Especially when you are dealing with two fantastic workers, one of which is "The King of Strong Style."

The WWE's development brand, , is currently on a tour of California, and it looks like Austin Aries is going to have a story to tell about the "California Love" he received in a match against the NXT champion, Shinsuke Nakamura.

Nakamura kicked Aries in the face and knocked Aries silly:

, a former IWGP champion, who is known for his stiff working style, popped Aries right in the face with one of his patented kicks, and this was the result.

After the kick and a couple more moves, the referee halted the action so that the ringside doctor could check on Aries, who was flipping and flopping around on the mat like a guy who didn't have a clue where he was.

Nakamura has a history of stiffing people with his kicks. He's a former MMA fighter, with a professional record of 3-1-1. Apparently, Nakamura didn't exactly end up 100 percent after the match either.

Aries tweeted this photo of Nakamura's foot:

Nakamura and Aries are both likely destined for the main WWE roster and no doubt these two will meet again.

For now, has definitely arrived in the WWE.


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