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A cut, blood, a knockdown, a cut, more blood, another cut, body punches, a knockdown, and a stoppage.

That's Shawn Porter's fight against vs. in a nutshell. Well, there was also a bevy of headbutts peppered in between those moments, which ultimately took away from a rather exciting bout by both fighters.

The fireworks started early with exhibiting a volume attack in the second round. By this time Porter was already sporting a cut above one of his eyes from an accidental headbutt, but that didn't stop Porter from trading in the pocket with Berto. Porter was able to close the distance while in the center of the ring and without the aid of the ropes, Berto was floored by a well-placed right hook.

Berto recovered quickly and the brawl continued.

Over the next four rounds, Shawn Porter used his jab effectively while on the outside and wore down Andre Berto with body punches.

The cost of those body punches was a plethora of accidental headbutts. It was hard to decipher who was at fault during their close exchanges, but the headbutts took their tolls on both fighters. Shawn Porter fought through cuts above each eye and Berto's wide eyelid gash caused for mid-round check-ups three times during the fight.

It was also a headbutt that spelled the end for Andre Berto in the 9th round. Shawn Porter displayed a tremendous about of cardiovascular endurance during the later rounds and after a hard clash of skulls, Porter saw the opening he needed to unleash his final blitzkrieg.

A combination of a headbutt and Shawn Porter's left hook discombobulated Berto and sent him plunging into the ropes. The referee didn't acknowledge the headbutt and counted the blow as a knockdown. Berto's face at the time had defeat written all over it, and despite returning before the 10 count, Berto was already finished.

Shawn Porter sensed blood in Berto's vicinity, both literally and figuratively, like a shark does when approaching its victim in the ocean. Porter was no time putting Berto out of his misery and forced the referee to stop the fight when Berto went into the ropes again.

What's next for Berto? An honest look at retirement.

Berto is 4-5 in his last nine fights, this is after starting his career 27-0. At only 33 years old it seems as though time is on his side, but it's easy to see that his career trajectory is moving in the wrong direction.

Porter (27-2-1, 17 KOs), on the other hand, can sit back and wait for his next opportunity at becoming a world champion. The victory earns Porter a rematch with and another shot at the WBC welterweight title at some point in the near future.


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