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Ever since Shane "4XL size gloves" Carwin announced he was back in the business of prowling for big dudes to knock out, he's kept the world up to date with the progress.

The latest news comes from Carwin's Facebook page. According to Shane, he's seeing a lot of people refuse agreements to get punched by his giant fists. It's hard to blame them, but one person seems to be up the the challenge: Muhammed "King Mo" Lawal.

King Mo had previously told MMA Fighting that he would be down to fight Carwin in Bellator at "Moneyweight"—everyone's favorite division

"I heard Shane Carwin is looking to fight again. I wouldn't mind fighting Shane Carwin, if he wants to come back. I'll fight anybody, man. Moneyweight," said Lawal. "I'm down to fight. I don't care. At the end of the day, if I can make that weight, I'm going to fight you. Shane Carwin is the man. He has heavy hands. I sparred with him before and he touched me a few times, but it's a fight. I'm about getting paid."

Looks like Carwin also mentioned the sparring session in his above statement with coaches line. While Lawal wasn't included on the list of the top five possible opponents for Shane Carwin, it'd be a great fight. If no one else wants to step up to fight him, then there aren't many choices left.

Check out King Mo winning the Rizin Light Heavyweight Grand Prix below.


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