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Former interim UFC heavyweight champion, Shane Carwin is returning to MMA, so he took to Reddit on Friday to ask his fans what he should do for the next step in his career.

I have some interesting offers and I wanted to see what r/MMA would like to see.Top MMA related options:Legend Fight - Maybe someone like Fedor. It would be an honor to test myself against my favorite fighter and one of the GOATS.Bellator - They seem to be very interested. I think securing that belt would be easy. Winning never sucks and they need the talent in the HWT division.Rizn - Great treatment so far and that Tournament gets my heart pumping. I love old school style MMA. My coaches do not like the multi-fight aspect for my very first fight back.Outside of this I will have some entertainment based meetings mid October. That would be totally outside of MMA and I think the promoters above would allow me to do both but not sure about the entertainment entity.Tell me what you would like to see?

Carwin hasn't fought since 2011 when he lost to Junior dos Santos at UFC 131, but he looks to have quite a few options when he returns.

He spent the morning replying to fan comments, and having fun with some of the replies.

Fan: Fedor fights cans, not Carwins.

Carwin: The fact that you think that highly of me makes me smile.

Fan: Bellator probably means Kongo, do you still enjoy working testicles?

Carwin: Well after two divorces I can handle kicks to the nuts.

Fan: Please don't fight fedor... he's one of my favorite fighters ever and I have a feeling [you] would end his career. Don't break my heart shane, let fedor live. Beat up on King Mo or Tito.

Carwin: I love him too. I want to go sweater shopping with him.

Fan: I saw the title right before I clicked to another tab without seeing the user, but I immediately knew this was a Shane "Shitpost" Carwin thread because it was nearing the top of /r/MMA. Love you Shane!

Carwin: love you too pooh bear.

Despite the humor that Carwin is known for, there was some serious talk, as he confirmed the "entertainment based meetings" were related to possible TV and movie roles.

He admitted than none of the fight or entertainment opportunities were going to pay him what he thinks he deserves. He also said that he asked Bellator for a signing bonus.

Possible opponents like Dada 5000, Cheick Kongo and Fedor Emelianenko were discussed and broken down, both by fans and Carwin himself.

We'll have to stay tuned to find out what he decides, but in the meantime what decision do you think he should make? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.


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