ByElias Cepeda, writer at
Elias Cepeda

Shane Burgos did just about everything right in his UFC debut, scoring a decision victory over a game Tiago Trator in their UFC Fight Night 102 featherweight contest. Burgos landed big punches to the body and head, showed good wrestling, and had the good sense to get a mid-fight hair cut on his stool in between rounds.

Yup, that's right. Fans may have noticed Burgos' cool, long, hair braid thing that shot from the top of his head down to his shoulders.

The braid looked bad ass and bounced around as he fought , likely hypnotizing the Brazilian and softening his defenses...maybe. In any case, it certainly started to annoy Burgos himself, who told his cornermen "it's pissing me off," after the second round, as he sat and received instructions heading into the final round (above).

The seconds grabbed scissors and lopped off the offending braid, and got back to business moments later. Talk about focus.

Hopefully someone saved the braid. It is now a part of history


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