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You can't blame a guy for trying.

Earlier today, the and early-morning weigh-ins took place at the Wyndham, New Yorker Hotel in New York and the show was stolen by the second man to weigh-in, Sergio da Silva.

The Brazilian was scheduled to meet Matt Rizzo in a 130-pounds catchweight bout, but things didn't quite go to plan with his weight cut.

Da Silva was obviously aware he was coming in over and tried to use every trick in the book to cheat the scale. After trying to leave one foot off the scale in various positions, he was then instructed to take his hands off the towel in front of him by the commission standing by. After several failed attempts to get the Brazilian to step on the scale with both feet, he was asked to step off, take a breath, and then step back on.

Eventually da Silva gave up the game and his weight was read out as 137.6-pounds. Normally a fighter missing weight by 6.6-pounds could be on the receiving end of a 30% fine, but then Rizzo later followed in at 133.6-pounds and the bout was changed to a 137-pounds catchweight bout.

Da Silva played the game, but he ultimately didn’t get fined.


was the first man to hit the scales and he came in at 205.8-pounds. Wanderlei Silva later followed and weighed in at the same, 205.8-pounds to confirm for the headline bout tomorrow evening.

All three title fights were then confirmed with Ryan Bader, Phil Davis, Lorenz Larkin, Douglas Lima, Michael Chandler and Brent Primus all hitting the scales on weight.

Bellator 180 PPV Card

Chael Sonnen (205.8) vs. Wanderlei Silva (205.8)

Fedor Emelianenko (236.4) vs. Matt Mitrione (256.6)

Douglas Lima (170.0) vs. Lorenz Larkin (169.8)

Michael Chandler (153.8) vs. Brent Primus (154.2)

Aaron Pico (156.0) vs. Zach Freeman (155.8)

Bellator 180 Preliminary Card

Phil Davis (204.8) vs. Ryan Bader (204.4)

James Gallagher (144.4) vs. Chinzo Machida (146.0)

Neiman Gracie (170.4) vs. Dave Marfone (170.4)

Heather Hardy (125.2) vs. Alice Yauger (125.6)

Ryan Couture (168.8) vs. Haim Gozali (169.2)

Jerome Mickle (155.8) vs. Anthony Giacchina (157.4) ***

John Salgado (168.2) vs. Hugh McKenna (168.8)

Matt Rizzo (133.6) vs. Sergio da Silva (137.6) *

Nate Grebb (155.4) vs. Bradley Desir (160.6) **

* Bout changed to 137-pounds catchweight

** Desir misses weight

*** Giacchina misses weigh

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