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Another England vs. Scotland battle went down tonight at as the “Auld Enemies” met inside the Octagon. Fighting for an impressive fifth time this year, the English entered an almost hostile environment as he took on Steven “Braveheart” Ray.

The first round was a back and forth affair, with each fighter throwing a flurry of kicks to the body of one another. However, it was Pearson who delivered the more damaging kicks prompting a big takedown from .

Once again Ross Pearson took control of the center of the cage in the second round, but Steven Ray was well in control of the fight. The fight went the distance, with Steven Ray taking the split decision

“I was obviously a bit depressed after my last fight, but I got straight back in the gym and just started training again. I just knew how important it was to get back in the win column. Ross is a really high level guy who has been in the UFC for years, so I have a lot of respect for him," explained Ray. "I feel like I won the fight. I feel like I landed some shots on him that were really hard. Ross is a veteran, but I tried to just listen to my coaches and not get too frustrated, although it was frustrating at times. I like exciting fights."

The result see’s Ross Pearson slip to a three fight losing streak while Steven Ray bounces back from his loss against at UFC Fight Night 95.


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