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Ever since John Belushi sliced and diced his way into the hearts of fans with his hilarious Samurai Futaba character on Saturday Night Live, NBC's long-running sketch show hasn't been shy about blending comedy with martial arts over the years.

It looks like comedian Leslie Jones is channeling her inner Belushi with SNL's latest fight-filled skit, Shanice Goodwin Ninja. In the new sketch, Jones plays a secret crime-fighting ninja who's got deadly moves. Oh, and she's "also a cashier at Kohl's."

Photo by Will Heath / NBC
Photo by Will Heath / NBC

On Saturday's episode of SNL, Jones got to go head-to-head with her ninja "rival" and Avengers star Scarlett Johansson, who hosted the series for an impressive fifth time over the weekend. While her Black Widow combat moves obviously weren't as polished as past guest hosts like John Cena or Ronda Rousey, Johansson did break out her Russian accent during the skit, a nice wink to her fan-favorite Marvel heroine.

In the skit, Johansson and Jones are tasked with saving a schlubby martial arts master, played by cast member Bobby Moynihan, before battling for ninja supremacy.

Hopefully the next adventure of Shanice Goodwin will include a showdown against a real life ninja like Conor McGregor, or at the very least, his cash-strapped doppleganger.


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