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, a young man from the small town of Strabane, Northern Ireland, is just days away from the biggest moment of his career, when he takes on Chinzo Machida at .

The big-city atmosphere of a hot, stuffy, crowded New York would be too much for some 20-year-olds to handle, but since landing Stateside last week, Gallagher has been marveling in a moment he imagined all those years ago, back home in Ireland.

"It's been great," Gallagher told exclusively. "I got here like seven days ago now and we've just been training and chilling out. I've been walking around, seeing all the scenes and stuff. But now, it's time to rest up, make weight and put on a show on Saturday night."

There's been plenty said this week about Irish fighters using 'The Law of Attraction' to achieve their dreams, and Gallagher is a man who likes to lay his ambitions out there. For him, a fight at will be a dream realized, but it's just one of many steps on the path to greatness he's mapped out in his mind.

"Look at that, the sign is up right there," Gallagher said, pointing behind him where a advertisement was placed on the front of the building. "This just feels right, it's where I should be on the biggest stage of them all. This biggest cities, the biggest arenas, the biggest fights--that's what I'm all about. I want to get in there, I want to get the biggest fights and I want to get the biggest paydays. I'm just doing what I love. I'm here, floating around in New York and it feels natural to me. This was something I was born to do."

Gallagher was all smiles last evening, but when the cage door closes on Saturday, his mindset changes. It's killed or be killed, and he says only one man will be falling.

"It's going to go down exactly the same way this time," Gallagher said, referring to his last two wins. "I'm going to bring a helluva lot more pressure. I'm going to put a lot of pressure on this guy and you're going to see this guy break very quick under this pressure, it's just how I feel. I feel like everything is just going to happen and he's just going to fall into these positions I put him in. He's going to make mistakes and I'm going to capitalize on them."

Gallagher's self assured attitude isn't looked upon favorably by everybody, especially those in his division. Plenty of his fellow Bellator featherweights are clamoring for a fight him and he thinks he knows why.

"I dunno why [they're focused on me], because I'm not focused on them," Gallagher said. "I'm focused on me and I'm focused on the belt and my fights. They just don't have the same mind-set I do. Why not focus on the belt? Why not focus on the guy who's got the belt?"

For the minute, at least, Gallagher isn't worrying about the other men in his division. The job at hand is Machida and he's putting all his focus on maintaining his ascent to the top.

"They're seeing I'm on the road to greatness," Gallagher said. "That's what they're after, but they're great. I am and I'm on my way. There's not a chance that anybody is going to stop me because I'm on my way. I want the belt, f*ck all the rest of them. They are way down here, while I'm way up here. I want to aim for the stars and the sky is my limit."

Gallagher vs. Machida will serve as the co-main event for on June 24.

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