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When Dana White's YouTube show, Lookin' For a Fight stopped in at the Legacy Fighting Championship 44 show, they never expected a guy like Sage Northcutt to be waiting on them.

Not too long after seeing the awesome performance and hearing Northcutt's cheery, "yes sir", "Super" Sage got his UFC debut one year ago, on this very day, at just 19-years-old. Since then, he's back-flipped into all of our hearts, and is probably the MMA fighter most likely to be approved by moms around the globe.

Join us in celebrating this MMA Anniversary by looking back at ten of Northcutt's best tweets.

Stoked for UFC Debut

This is what started it all. Taking the stage at the UFC 192 weigh-ins, hair perfectly spiked, Northcutt gave Dana White some dap, and walked into our lives, leaving an indelible, sunny mark on our consciousness.

Just a "Light" Leg Day

If the famous post-fight flip in his debut didn't clue you in, this kid is an athletic freak. Doing this easy leg workout is probably how he got those bulging quadriceps that Ariel Helwani fawned over.

Don't Play With Your Kama in the House

This clip is further proof that Northcutt should be a Ninja Turtle. It looks like no one has used this weapon yet, either. Here is Northcutt killing it with a kama demonstration in the living room while a giant poster of himself looks on.

Deadlifting 585 lbs Like It's Nothing

If you forget to put back your weights at the gym, just have Northcutt do it. He can lift all the weights; every single one of them, as evidenced by this video of him deadlifting 585 lbs. That's almost four times his body weight!

Ruining a Frying Pan

Did you know Northcutt is also a magician? Check him out, turning a metal frying pan into a burrito with his bare hands! After seeing clips like this, it's no surprise that USADA seems to test him every other week.

The Coolest Flips in School

This is one of the reasons Northcutt is the Kix cereal of MMA fighters: kid tested, mother approved. On his day off, he visited these junior high kids, entertaining them with a vast array of dynamic acrobatics. Maybe he inspired someone to become a superhuman.

Is He Even Real?

Speaking of USADA check-ins, Northcutt makes a joke about his physical test getting done here, but seriously, is this guy real? He's happy every day of his life, walks at or around 3% body fat and can leap over small buildings in a single bound.

Power Rangers Audition

Northcutt teamed up with Tecia Torres in the parking lot of a Toyota dealership to give us some high-flying, karate action. Can there be more team-ups? There needs to be a show where Northcutt travels and does different, amazing feats with other UFC fighters.

Super Ultra High Kick

This kick was so crazy, we had to write a whole article about it. Northcutt has the body of an action figure and the legs of a grasshopper. How high is his vertical leap? Can we get him to the NFL combine just to test him? This dude just leapt nearly his own height to kick a bag.

The Most Ripped 7 Year Old

I don't know if this picture was to get the drug testers off his back—or if he was just showing off—but this is a picture of Northcutt and his sister as little kids. Doctors need to start looking into this gene pool, because they may discover the fountain of youth. These are the fittest kids on the planet.

Celebrate this magical event by watching Dana White and crew meet Northcutt for the first time.


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