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Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback appears to be serious about MMA.

Ryback, who left the WWE because he was unhappy about his character's direction, has said that he is in talks to fight for Bellator. The talks are early, but we have seen this before.

Ryback, in this clip from MMA journalist Jim Edwards, can be seen hitting the pads for a workout.

Cain Velasquez probably shouldn't worry, yet.

Unlike CM Punk, Ryback has a strong athletic background outside of professional wrestling. He played baseball and football in high school, and has trained as a bodybuilder and power lifter.

As a professional wrestler, Ryback lived by the adage "Feed Me More." He enjoyed mid-card success as a fan favorite, but never received the sustained, main event push that he hoped for.

Although he once wrestled CM Punk for the WWE championship, he worked mostly as a mid-card wrestler. The last straw came earlier this year at Wrestlemania, when he wrestled in the untelevised opener, in front of just a few thousand people, instead of the 100,000 who would later pack the building.

Ryback is currently making independent wrestling appearances.


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