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After many years of boozing, door busting and Fear Factor-style coach's contests, The Ultimate Fighter re-branded for an all champions edition to see who would challenge Demetrious Johnson for his title.

Rumors are circulating now that, instead of dumping the stepping-stone show altogether, it will continue to be changed with new stipulations. The current theme in the pipeline is that this would be an "all-star" cast of previous contestants if Dana White can get the DeLorean up to speed. Fingers crossed Andy Wang makes a return.

The 25th season of The Ultimate Fighter has already been given the go-ahead and will start casting in January to be released in April. The weight class focused on in this season will be welterweights. Will the winner get an immediate title shot at Tyron Woodley?

While exact details of the season are still undetermined, UFC officials told MMAjunkie that welterweights are likely to be featured on “TUF 25.” And rather than bring in a cast of unknowns, the promotion currently is targeting a group of “all-stars” to compete on the show, including UFC veterans and former contestants on previous editions of “The Ultimate Fighter.”

That's right. We get at least one more season of Harley Davidson giveaways, special edition jerseys and hopefully more unsanctioned fights that may or may nor result in people getting kicked out of the TUF house. The rumored list of all of the participants reported by MMA Newsline is below.

You'll be happy to find some familiar names and faces, but David Teymur isn't on there. If you're not familiar, he dropped one of the most ridiculous lines in Ultimate Fighter history at during a wild confrontation between and ("take care of your underwears..."). ...That alone makes him an all-star.

Here's the rumored roster:

  • Johnny Nunez
  • Dominic Waters
  • Jesse Taylor
  • Joseph Stevenson
  • Gilbert Smith
  • Julian Lane
  • Edward Gordon
  • Dhiego Lima
  • Kajan Johnson
  • James Krause
  • Zak Cummings
  • Mehdi Baghdad
  • Gerald Harris
  • Justin Edwards
  • Seth Baczynski
  • Michael Ricci
  • Jamie Yager
  • Hector Cervantes
  • Edward Ellis
  • Junie Browning
  • Ramsey Nijem
  • Hayder Hassan
  • Thomas Gallicchio

...But the best part is always Dana White


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