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Former UFC welterweight contender-turned-Bellator signee Rory MacDonald has never been one to shy away from a dogfight. The man is called "The Red King" for a reason, and anyone who's seen his instant classic with Robbie Lawler at UFC 189 knows that the only thing MacDonald possibly loves more than inflicting receiving it.

But, even for as many wars that the 27-year-old prodigy has already been in, it turns out that MacDonald still yearns for a more brutal, perhaps even more pure form of the sport. One that harkens back to the "no rules" days of the early UFCs, where men were men, gloves were for wussies, and you could totally headbutt your opponent and get away with it.

It's an attitude that MacDonald has maintained for quite some time now, and one that he continued to elaborate on while speaking with London Real.

"The whole scoring system, takes some of the pureness of fighting away. Because sometimes I'm watching fights, and I'm thinking 'That guy won the fight, but on my scorecards, this guy won.'"

In fact, if it were up to MacDonald, MMA fights would consist of one 20-minute round and allow everything from knees to a grounded opponent to 6-to-12 elbows to...pretty much anything. He is truly the kind of guy that Dan Henderson would get along with.

Lucky for MacDonald, he'll be taking on a guy who is not only capable of doling out the type of violence he so adores, but shares a similar distaste for proper rules and etiquette in Paul Daley. It was "Semtex", after all, who was infamously slapped with a lifetime ban by the UFC for hitting Josh Koscheck after the bell.

So yeah, this fight is almost surely going to end in absolute madness, or what most of us know as "just another day at the office in Bellator."


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