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is back and judging by his performance last night at , he’s all business.

After submitting Paul Daley in the second round of last evening’s main event, MacDonald spoke to the press backstage and said he was delighted to be back.

“I was training for domination and that’s my style,” MacDonald said. “I’m going to go in there, hunt you down, and that’s exactly what happened in there. It was a good feeling to have back. It’s been a few years [since winning] and it gives you a lot of time to doubt yourself. A lot of people try to make you doubt yourself after bad injuries, and it’s just a long time to sit around and doubt yourself, but I didn’t go that route. I believed in myself, I know what I can do. I’m a young guy and I know what I can do. I’ve got so much more mileage to go in this sport and I’ve got so much more to show in there. This is the start of a new chapter and I’m very excited.”

Prior to the fight, MacDonald said he wanted to ‘Take Daley’s health,’ when asked he meant by that, the Canadian said he meant the comment to be taken literally.

“I meant exactly what I said,” MacDonald said. “When I walk into that cage I’m not there to play games, pick my shot, or win on points. I’ve won fights like that, but I’ve always had regrets the way I’ve won those fights. When I walk in that cage, I’m going to destroy you and that’s it.”

With his first win under his belt, MacDonald asked what was next for him. The former UFC title contender said he wanted to keep the ball rolling and that he was open to all challenges.

“The train is ready to keep rolling,” MacDonald said. “I’ve some momentum now and I’m ready to take fights all the time. Bellator are very clear because I’m on them all the time, [I want] future fights, here, here, and here. Whether it’s weight classes up and whenever possible you know. I’m always bugging them and they know what’s up.”

MacDonald isn’t just aiming at dominating the welterweight division. The Canadian has sights sets on big fights and he’s not even ruling nothing out the prospect of facing Russian MMA legend, Fedor.

“I want to be a champion, a two-division champion if I can,” MacDonald said. “Outside of that, I want the big fights. If I can fight the legendary fighters that are around and in Bellator then sign me up. I think they will be fan friendly fights. A young up and coming champions fighting legends—I think that sells. Fedor, Wanderlei, those are big guys and I think fans would want to see that.”

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