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It looks like Ronda Rousey is finally close to returning.

After it being rumored Rousey would be on the UFC 205 Madison Square Garden mega-card, then a little subliminal advertising, that whisper was hushed. However, Dana White may have something else up his sleeve considering what he said on Outside of the Cage today.

"I'm planning on Ronda [Rousey] this year. Ronda would fight for the title, she'll fight the champ," said White.

Of course it is of no surprise, but White confirms here that Rousey's first fight back will be an immediate title shot. This echoes statements he made back in September to Combate. Since UFC 205 is out of the question, the best bet is Rousey on the NYE show, UFC 207 in Las Vegas.

Listen to the announcement at 18:50 of the broadcast below.

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