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Amy Kaplan

Former bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has seen better days. The deposed queen of the bantamweight division has lost her last two fights and much of the MMA world seems to be kicking her while she's down — everyone but Cris "Cyborg" Justino, her longtime rival, and what she said might even surprise you.

Rousey broke her social media silence when she posted a quote by JK Rowling, which prompted Cyborg to post a comment complimenting her former rival, despite having a somewhat unfriendly history with Ronda.

"I was sad to see the loss of the sports star," Cyborg wrote. "But you have so much ahead of you and [are] blessed with the financial security to pursue all your passions. You opened the door for more promotion and grew into a sport icon. [Enjoy] the next chapter of life and know you've got amazing opportunities to continue changing the world."

Rousey lost what many expected to be her comeback fight at when current champion, Amanda Nunes, defeated her in just 48 seconds.

A fight between and had never been established, despite fans and media (and Cyborg) asking for it for years. No one is sure what direction Rousey will take next. Will she retire? Will she fight again? Will she ever fight Cris Cyborg?

Only time will tell.


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