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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson might be on of the Hollywood's biggest stars, but he still knows how to appreciate his roots as a professional wrestler.

The Rock, thanks to his amazingly hilarious promos, and unparalleled charisma, helped launch the WWE in the late 1990s to epic proportions. And Hollywood noticed. He left the WWE while in his prime to make movies, and become of the industry's highest-paid actors.

But that fame has not gone to his head. The Rock regularly appears in the WWE, and ever return to wrestler the likes of John Cena and CM Punk in recent years.

And now, he's talking straight to his fans, recalling his debut in the WWE. In the launch of his new "The Rock Reacts" You Tube feature, The Rock dissects his debut, in typical hilarious form.

"I got a (expletive) Chia Pet on my head as a haircut," The Rock says, as he enters the ring for his match.

Although his father and grandfather were legends in the business, The Rock didn't initially possess the nuance of a veteran professional wrestler. For one, he looked at the wrong camera, in the beginning, and the end of the match. Fans saw the back of his head both times.

Although The Rock enjoyed a pre-WWE career under the awful name of "Flex Havana," he was basically earning his wrestling chops on the big WWE stage. That's scary for a newcomer.

There are some prophetic moments. At one point the match features Crush and Goldust against The Rock and the 20,000 people in Madison Square Garden started chanting "Rocky, Rocky, Rocky." The Rock made his debut as Rocky Maivia, his first name from his father Rocky Johnson and his last name from his grandfather High Chief Peter Maivia.

The Rock said that hearing the fans shout his name "changed my life."

WWE announcer Jim Ross, as they were chanting "Rocky," uttered the words, "It won't be the last time."

He didn't know how right he would be.

The Rock also praises Vince McMahon, who was calling the match at ringside.

"He was one of the greatest of all time in terms of commentating," The Rock said. "I wish he would still commentate."

The Rock also compliments his colleagues in the ring that night.

After he pinned Crush, The Rock said he whispered in the late-wrestlers ear "Thank you so much, brother. Thank you so much."

He was grateful that the veteran put him over (allowed him to win) during the match.

After The Rock pinned Goldust, he again looked at the wrong camera and we ended up seeing the back of his head as he celebrated his victory.

Still, despite his victory, The Rock couldn't get over his hair.

"I looked like a pineapple and Chia pet all mixed into one," he said.

The Rock said having the New York audience cheer him in his debut was special.

"There's an old saying in show business that if you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere," The Rock said. "For all those guys who put me over in the ring that night, I appreciate it."

The Rock typically appears at least once a year in the WWE, usually at Wrestlemania. If he's promoting his matches on the WWE Network, it is likely he will be back soon.


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