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Korean MMA promotion ROAD FC is putting up an unprecedented $1 million prize for their latest lightweight tournament in an attempt to attract the best talent available from around the world. ROAD FC announced the tournament last year, even name dropping Jose Aldo as a potential challenger.

Having built an impressive reputation over the past few years, the Korean promotion has already attracted top Asian talent and former UFC alums to fight under their banner. Striking a deal with media giants CCTV, can boast the best international presence in the highly lucrative, and coveted, market in China.

Building on their success, the promotion has uploaded a slick new trailer to their social media to whet your appetite for the upcoming event.

The promotion will hold trials beginning on January 28, in Southeast Asia (Manila) under the Universal Reality Combat Championship (URCC) banner in the form of a 4-man, 1-night tournament. The Russian and Japanese trials will also follow this format in February and March, respectively.

ROAD FC 2016 plan - Facebook
ROAD FC 2016 plan - Facebook

Planning an impressive 17 events for 2017, ROAD FC 36 will play host to the opening round of international trials with twenty fighters from Korea, Japan, Brazil, USA, Canada and Europe meeting in 10 elimination matches.

The winners will progress to the second round of trials in April, and the 5 finalists will be seeded in the 16-man opening round of the tournament.


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