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Justin Golightly

If you haven't seen the spectacle that was the Rizin event over the weekend, you may still have time. According to recent numbers, not a lot of people missed it, at least not in Japan.

Bruno Massami reported that Rizin had an estimated 10 million plus viewership on FujiTV, which is broadcast in Japan. These numbers do not include viewership from the Brazilian outlet, Brand TV or from EverSport's streaming platform. Even without that data, those numbers shatter any U.S. record held for an MMA event.

To compare, EliteXC on CBS back in 2008 earned 7.281 million viewers with their card that had Kimbo Slice fighting James Thompson in the main event.

As far as a televised UFC event, the first UFC on Fox broadcast that featured Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos earned about 5.7 million viewers.

With all the lasers, pyro, flashy arena and talent, it looks like Rizin's investment paid off. You can watch the opening ceremony below:


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