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Justin Golightly

Despite being on in the dead of night, the pacing of RIZIN is so fast and furious that I wouldn't be surprised if Vin Diesel showed up at some point. It's like someone gave the fighters a memo that informed them some fans are up very late, so finish your fights fast. Well, Yusuke Yachi must have gotten that hypothetical memo.

Wow. That dude fought that other guy like an extremely violent hummingbird. You have to watch it multiple times to even make out what sort of pain is being inflicted. This was a straight up swarm that his opponent didn't even have time to react to nor defend against. He beat Mario Sismundo in less time than it takes to adequately heat a Hot Pocket.

It still doesn't beat the blindingly fast seven second victory from Charles Bennett back in September, but this was a fast win, via , a technique that deserves different angles and slo-mo.

Let's see that rib destruction again...


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