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Justin Golightly

It had been eight long years since Heath Herring had fought MMA. That was back at UFC 87 when he lost to the giant beast, Brock Lesnar. RIZIN called him up from the depths, he put on his cowboy hat, and mosied on into the RIZIN openweight grand prix to fight another beast, Amir "Iranian Beast" Aliakbari.

That wasn't just a joke to create imagery, the dude really did dress up like a cowboy. Not only that, he brought Roy Nelson with him too and he also dressed up like the Undertaker walking down the WWE ramp.

Speaking of WWE, Aliakbari grabbed onto Herring and sent the big man into orbit with a huge suplex. That's nearly 300lbs of pure man, right there. The former wrestling champion threw him like it was nothing and landed an entire round full of punches to Herring's blue-haired head.

He even threw a soccer kick followed up by a straight right hand when Herring broke free and tried to get up. If that would have landed, he could have knocked the highlights out of Herring's hair. Instead, Herring survived the onslaught and picked it up in the second round. Despite a back and forth battle, It still wasn't enough and Aliakbari won by unanimous decision.

Watch the full fight below.


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