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I grew up fighting in a ring in Spain, so when I was offered an MMA fight for inside of a boxing ring I didn't hesitate. I'm the kind of guy who will fight anyone, anywhere, anyway.

Leading up to the fight, I trained like I would for any opponent. But I wish I had prepared a little bit more inside of a ring.

I didn't watch much tape on my opponent, and I didn't have much time to prepare because about two weeks before the fight, my scheduled opponent got injured. Luckily the promotion was able to find a replacement and the fight was still on.

It was my fight from beginning to end.

I wanted to fight a smart, composed style of fight, and that's exactly what I did. I picked my opponent apart round by round. However, he was able to take me down a few times because I wasn't able to do this thing with my hips that I can do in a cage to defend the takedown.

I was relying on something to bounce me forward, which isn't there when you are fighting in a ring.

My dumb ass forgot there wasn't a chainlink fence, so my butt went through the ropes. I wish I had practiced that a bit more. If I had a little more time to practice that, and a few other transitioning things, it would have been nice.

I adapted though, and was still able to secure the victory.

If I was given the option to fight in the ring or the cage, I think it would depend on the opponent. If I were fighting a wrestler, I'd want to use the cage. If I was fighting a striker, the ring is great.

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