ByKel Dansby, writer at
Kel Dansby

Broken Matt Hardy and his Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) are arguably the hottest tag team in the world of pro wrestling and report them bringing their popular gimmick to the biggest stage possible.

Slice Wrestling is reporting the Hardys are in the final stages of signing a deal to rejoin the WWE. Neither the WWE or the Hardys have addressed these reports, but any deal between the two sides would be kept as close to the vest as possible. Both Matt and Jeff Hardy have achieved solo and tag team success in the WWE, but their new characters have the potential to make them bigger than ever, which is a bold statement given they have legendary TLC matches on their resume.

Currently, the Hardys are the ROH tag team champions. They achieved that accomplishment in their debut for the promotion and only a few weeks after receiving their official release from TNA.

A deal is never done until the ink dries on a contract, but the thought of the Hardys bringing their broken characters to WrestleMania or the RAW after Mania has wrestling marks salivating.


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