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So many professional fighters, like Michael Bisping and Ronda Rousey, are using their MMA careers to leverage roles in Hollywood. For me, it is the opposite.

I grew up acting and modeling. In fact, my younger sister, Bella Thorne followed me into the industry. She was able to thrive in that environment and is now a big star, so big that it's hard to go out to lunch with her because she's constantly being recognized and I've had to protect her from stalkers more than once. While I loved doing it, and still do, I found a different passion that I'm exploring now.

While I was on set shooting the film "First Strike," which was a small budget movie that never ended up going anywhere, I was required to learn some for the part. I ended up enjoying it and found a Krav Maga gym to keep training. While I was on set, I also met a fellow actor - .

Remington Thorne
Remington Thorne

It's funny because the director set us up for a scene where Sage was playing the villain, and I was supposed to play the good guy. We ended up totally bonding after that. He'd show me moves, and even now he'll give me tips and share some moves with me.

Remington Thorne
Remington Thorne

After training at the Krav Maga Worldwide gym for a year, I realized I wanted more and was referred to Saekson Muay Thai, where I have trained ever since.

I've kept in close contact with Sage who will stay with my family for months at a time when he's on the west coast filming or competing. And to set the record straight he and Bella never dated, despite all the rumors.

Now, I'm four fights into my MMA career, on a two fight win streak, and feeling great. I hope to make the transition to a pro career by the end of the year.

I'm fortunate to be able to train at a world-class gym alongside the likes of and Danielle Taylor, both of whom are great people and incredible sources of knowledge.

Even though my entire family is entwined in the performing arts, I know that my father, who passed away when I was 11, would be proud. He wanted me to fight and put me in when I was little. He was always a fight fan, and it feels right for me to be making this my career. I love acting, it was fun, but I was always much more interested in the physical stuff — like the stuntwork.

I have finally found what I want to do.


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