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Donald Trump is the President of the United States, but in 1988 he was a Hulkamaniac.

In fact, to hear Hulk Hogan tell the story, Hogan dog-paddled the future president of the United States to safety, after he slammed Andre the Giant through the Trump Plaza.

Let me explain. In one of Hogan's more memorable promo interviews from the 1980s, Hogan described his rescue plan for Trump and all the Hulkamaniacs.

The backdrop is Wrestlemania IV at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The WWF championship was vacant and Hogan and Andre were meeting in the second round of the championship tournament:

In a pre-match interview with interviewer "Mean" Gene Okerlund, Hogan explained his somewhat complex view of how everything would go down.

"When I get Andre the Giant cinched up in the launch position, when I slam him through the Trump Plaza, brother, from New York down to Tampa, Florida, the fault line is going to break off and as Andre the Giant falls into the ocean, as my next two opponents fall to the ocean floor and I pin them, so will Donald Trump and all of the Hulkamaniacs. But as Donald Trump hangs on to the top of the Trump Plaza, with his family under his other arm, as they sink to the bottom of the sea, thank God Donald Trump is a Hulkamaniac, he'll know enough to let go of his materialistic possessions, hang on to the wife and kids, dog-paddle with his life all the way to safety. But Donald, if something happens, if you run out of gas, and all those little Hulkamaniacs run out of gas, just hang on to the largest back in the world, and I will dog-paddle us, backstroke all of us to safety."

Trump was at ringside that night, March 27, 1988.

The event was the first of two back-to-back Wrestlemanias hosted by Trump. This one was highlighted by the strange, poorly booked Wrestlemania rematch between Hogan and Andre. Hogan defeated Andre the year prior at Wrestlemania III. In February of 1988, however, live on NBC, Andre pinned Hogan, thanks to a crooked set of twin referees, Earl and Dave Hebner.

The Hogan vs. Andre match was terrible and ended in a double disqualificaton, eliminating both men from the tournament.

On the bright side, the night ended with Randy "Macho Man" Savage winning his first WWF championship, hoisting Elizabeth high on his shoulder.

Hogan would return the following year to wrestle Savage for the championship.

On this night, however, Hogan was saving the world.


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