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Less than a week into its theatrical run, All Eyez on Me tells the story of legendary rapper and artist Tupac Shakur.

The biopic chronicles the life and untimely death of Shakur, who passed away a few days after being involved in a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas on September 7, 1996. The incident occurred following the championship match-up between and Bruce Seldon.

Looking back on the fight, which Tupac was in attendance for, it was a controversial bout that preceded one of the most horrific moments in hip-hop history. While it was one of the quickest heavyweight finishes, Tyson's first round KO was criticized by fans, many of whom believed Seldon took a dive.

Seldon entered the fight as the WBA heavyweight champion, while Tyson came in as the WBC champ. Although "Iron Mike" was supposed to defend his belt against Lennox Lewis, Tyson ended up paying him off so that he could make the fight with Seldon happen.

The 1996 battle lasted less than 2 minutes, as Tyson earned the victory after the fight was called off when Seldon was unable to keep his balance in the ring. Tyson didn't seem to land many significant blows in the match, though, which is why the crowd chanted "Fix!" after the referee ended the bout.

Seldon, who denied the allegations, would retire after the fight, although he returned in 2004 and continued throwing down through 2009. As for Tyson, he went on to lose back-to-back fights to Evander Holyfield and saw a significant decline in his skills. The Seldon match would be his last heavyweight title victory.


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