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Marc Goddard had a busy weekend and he finished it off competing in the co-main event of the first ever Tanko Submission Championships () at the Victoria Warehouse in Manchester, England.

After refereeing at 29 on Friday night, this evening Goddard donned his Gi and took to the mat to take on the head coach of ASW Manchester, Kameron Atakuru.

For those that don’t know, aside from being one of the world’s most highly regarded referees, is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu player and he was awarded his black belt earlier this year in January by his instructor, Braulio Estima.

This evening, Goddard competed against Atakuru under Eddie Bravo Invitational () rules in Manchester and it proved to be a very entertaining affair.

The majority of the opening five-minutes were spent on the feet as both men wrestled and grappled looking for an opening to take the other down. Goddard scored with a nice double leg after a few minutes, but after a brief period on his back, Atakuru made it to his feet and managed to score a takedown of his own with two-minutes left on the clock.

Once again, the takedown came to nothing as the time ran down with the two again on their feet. Atakuru then slid down to the mat looking to make something happening, but Goddard answered it well and threatened for a second with a armbar. With seconds remaining, Atakuru transitioned out and looked to take his back, but Goddard was the one who turned the position nicely and nearly put Atakuru in a triangle before the final buzzer rang out.

In overtime, Goddard and Atakuru took it in turns to attempt submit their man starting in the seat belt position. Both men escaped their opponents attempts quickly, but when it came to the stopwatches, it was Goddard who escaped the faster by just four-seconds to pick up the win.

Goddard wasn’t the only man from the MMA world in action this evening. UFC fighters Paul Craig and Ian Entwistle also took to the mat, but both fighters were doing so under very different circumstances.

Entwistle recently announced that his appearance at TSC1 would be his last in active combat sports competition and he left the mat with his head held high. Entwistle wasted little time locking his opponent Emil Malczewski in a heel hook that forced him to tap after just 19-seconds.

An emotional Entwistle brought his child on to the mat after the contest as he soaked up the generous applause from the Manchester crowd—good luck in your future endeavors Ian.

Paul Craig on the other hand, is a man just starting off his UFC career and he took on fellow Brit, Andy Clamp in a purple belt no-Gi match contested under 100kg.

The Scot looked to be getting the better of the contest early on and nearly locked in a guillotine choke. Clamp, however, had other ideas and at the five-minute mark he moved into full mount and snap on a lightning fast armbar to get the tap.

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