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The male romper is apparently the newest fashion trend to hit the streets, and now, Reebok is getting in on the action. They have announced that they will be selling the new "Reeromp" soon.


So, what does this mean for the UFC? Will we be seeing a new UFC fight kit at UFC 213? Can you imagine Demetrious Johnson or Derrick Lewis in a romper? UFC heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic already said he'd wear one.

The Reeromp will retail for $89 and is set to be released mid-June. There will be two styles which feature a hood, cargo pockets and a half-zip opening. They will both be white.

"Built for bros, the ReeRomp will keep you cool in more ways than one," reads the product description. "Made with ACTIVCHILL technology and a reflective zipper, this romper combines the benefits of an active life and effortless style. Embrace the season’s coolest new trend, perfectly paired with Classic Leathers."

Product highlights featured on

  • 100% Bro- wears close to the body and moves with you
  • One piece silhouette to keep your street-style look on-trend
  • Stash pockets for your shades
  • Reflective zipper and hood lining to keep all eyes on you

Reebok is clearly trying to beat the RompHim to the market. This version of the men's romper is currently in the Kickstarter stage and seems to be where the trend's origin stems from.

This leaves us with so many questions. Who will wear the Reeromp? What will they do when they have to go to the bathroom? And what kind of shoes will go with it?

We can already imagine the marketing push for The Mighty Mouse WeeRomp: "For the flyweight in you" and the two-division McRomp: "Where one size fits three weight classes but only comes with two belts." There's also the Diaz Brothers 209-Romp that comes in an all-over print of marijuana leaves and a certain aroma that lasts through multiple washes. And, of course, the Rousey Romper that lasts forever but when it gets washed once, it is never the same again.


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