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Former Tachi Palace Flyweight Champ/ The Ultimate Fighter 24/ AKA/ Antdawgs MMA/ CSA
Adam Antolin

As a pro flyweight MMA fighter, and a former competitor on , I’ve spent a lot of time watching and studying .

Demetrious has got great gas, and dude doesn’t stop moving, but as highly skilled as he is, I don’t know if he’s done very much for the division. That’s why I would like to see Wilson Reis get it done on Saturday at .

The flyweight division has a lot to offer, and it’s unfortunate that Demetrious doesn’t talk enough or make some conflict. I think that’s hurt the entire weight class, and I think it would be great for our division if things changed at the top.

Look at what Tim Elliott did against Demetrious. Tim gave the champ a run for his money in the first round, and our division has conflict. The UFC and the Demetrious have a responsibility to put some of that out there if they want the division to have some success or be highlighted. Basically everybody hasn’t necessarily done their part.

If somebody else wins and holds the best, that keeps the division going.

I definitely give Reis a shot against Johnson, but I think as the fight goes on, if it gets past the second round, I just think it the odds tend to favor Demetrious.

Think about how it changes things. With a new champion, that creates new matchups that we haven’t been able to see yet, there will be more title contenders and championship matchups, and that’s what the division needs.

Demetrious has been at the top for so long, it’s kind of making the division a little stale, so I’d like to see Wilson Reis get it done.

And regardless of what happens at in Kansas City, make sure to check back next week, when I talk about my experience on The Ultimate Fighter, and then it’s off to , where I’m helping Matt Schnell, Alexis Davis, and Dustin Ortiz prepare for their fights.


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