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The next time you talk smack while playing Overwatch, be careful. Quinton "Rampage" Jackson might be listening.

The former UFC champion has been spending his free time lately connecting with fans through the world of video games. In a new interview with Champions, Jackson revealed that he recently launched a Twitch stream in order to interact with online admirers as he brings the pain in the virtual realm.

"My stream, I want it to be like a positive channel," Jackson said. "I just want to come and hang out with some Rampage fans. I've always been honest, I'm a fan of the Rampage fans. I love my fans."

In addition to his foray into video games, Jackson opened up to Champions about his pro wrestling future as well as his upcoming rematch against Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal at this weekend's Bellator 175.

Jackson admitted that he was a bit disappointed by his short stint with TNA, saying that he "really wanted to do more," but the promotion "didn't have any clue" on how to capitalize on his star power. The former UFC champ did enjoy meeting the legendary Hulk Hogan, though, but doesn't think he'll follow in his wrestling footsteps.

"I met like Hulk Hogan, one of the nicest guys. You always look up to him as a kid," Jackson said. "I met him, talked to him, and asked him some questions, some big fan questions. Then you see him walk off and like, man, pro wrestling is harder on your body than MMA. Now since I've been fighting for 17 years, I don't think my body can do pro wrestling. I don't think I can do all that."

Instead, he'll focus on getting under Lawal's skin ahead of their rematch.

"King Mo ain't that smart," Jackson said. "I know what the fight is. But sometimes, I just like to mess with him."


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