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After several weeks of heavy traveling, I’m finally back to a more normal schedule where I can tend to my blog again. With there being no shortage of news in our fair sport, I’ll have plenty to talk about.

For this post, we’re going to address the MMA rules (again), "towel-gate," and UFC 210, but let's start with this weekend’s card, since one of my guys, , will be fighting.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports
Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Sam is a great guy, and he’s been in my gym for a lot of years. He told me he wants to beat up anyone that has ever crossed paths with me in the Octagon. It’s part of his “Vengeance Tour” or something like that. I’ll admit, I kind of dig that.

He’s been improving quite a bit, and as a coach, that’s what I look for. You don’t want to change someone’s natural style too much, especially if it’s proven effective.

I feel like he’s been progressing well, and combined with his toughness and grit, the sky is the limit for him. Sam’s going to be doing great things in the middleweight division, guaranteed.

Bring Back Knees to a Downed Opponent

The division is in a weird place right now after what happened at in the Weidman vs. Mousasi fight.

I didn't actually see the fight, but I heard that Weidman’s hand was just barely touching the canvas. This whole thing could have been avoided if they’d just allow the knees to a downded opponent. I’ve been saying it for years.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Even the way the referees were handling things prior to the rule change was better, because they were already telling the fighters, 'If you’re not applying any real weight to the hand that’s down, if you’re just going to play the game, we’re going to consider you an “up” opponent.’ They started doing that before the rule change, and it was working.

I can’t say this enough—they should just allow the knees. I guarantee you, wouldn’t have been in that situation if he knew he could get kneed in the head. The way the new rule sits, there’s just too much gray area to consider for the ref. Was it the whole palm down or just the fingertips? It's frustrating!


I certainly wasn’t expecting Anthony Johnson to retire like that—I don’t think anybody did.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports
Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

DC got him on the ground and kind of wore him out. Daniel is just so heavy on top, and he was probably even heavier in that fight because from what I hear, it looked like he had help to make the weight.

Obviously, Daniel was doing whatever he could to make the weight. He managed to take a pound or two off when he pushed down on the towel. It’s an old trick, but honestly, I can’t figure out how the guys holding the towel didn’t pick up on that. They just allowed it to happen, so what are you gonna do? Total fiasco.

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