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Matt Juul

RJ Cyler, the actor who's playing Billy Cranston in the upcoming reboot, is making sure he's in tip top shape for his role as the butt-kicking blue ranger.

The Me and Earl and the Dying Girl star hasn't been shy about sharing photos and videos from his morphinominal training sessions on his social media accounts. Cyler recently posted a hilarious Instagram clip of himself doing sit-ups on a heavy bag - while listening to Eiffel 65's legendary 90's song "Blue," of course.

Judging by another recent video post, Cyler is pretty good at hitting the bag too. He's also got some sweet kicks.

In addition to his fighting skills, Cyler has gotten absolutely shredded in the gym and is now sporting a ripped bod that the original Billy unfortunately lacked (poor David Yost). The new blue ranger also seems to be pretty nimble on his feet.

He also seems to be on a faster track to martial arts mastery than the original Billy, who had a tough time nailing down his karate moves on the show.

At least we know the role of Billy is in the right hands in the upcoming reboot.

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